Everyone has the potential to become self-sufficient.


Our primary mission is to assist families in tapping into this potential and then developing their ability to meet financial goals.


We want to take the confusion and uncertainty out of personal financial matters. Even in unique circumstances, we will provide the resources needed to repair the past and succeed in the future.


Through our counseling and education programs, we strive to provide families with life-management skills that will help them attain financial stability.


In our achievement of these goals, NODA builds stable communities and economic empowerment through education and financial support.

                 CLIENT TESTIMONIALS

“I was feeling overwhelmed by the process of buying a home when I came to NODA for help. After receiving one-on-one counseling, I started to feel like owning a home would be a lot simpler than I previously thought. Thanks to the hard-working and reliable NODA staff, I gained the confidence and preparation I needed to become a homeowner.”

Camisha Only

“Without NODA, it would’ve taken me longer to become a homeowner. They gave me the knowledge and extra push I needed to keep going through the process. With their help I was able to see how every dime counted towards my success.”

Arletha Strickland